The Eagle 4 from the game. this is your first car you can drive.

This is the page about Carmageddon TDR 2000.== Ok im still trying to complete the game but i have noticed that you have to be lucky to get a time bonus for killing zombies!

what's up with that, i mean, in the original you'd get 20 seconds time bonus and in this you'd only get 3-10 seconds time bonus! but its still good with physics, like when you're in the air and have the power-up called "Afterburner" use whatever way you're car is heading and it will fly until you lose too much gravity or run out of Afterburner.

Hey if anyone sees this page I'm playing a cracked version and wanna know if people don't play or if it's because my version is cracked. because really wanna play against some of the more experieneced players!