The Carmageddon SeriesEdit

The spectacular im gonna kill your car/run over people/zombies series was a great sucsess and if you seen my other page about the new Carmageddon reincarnaition (Coming out january 2013 for Ps3)

you'l know a bit about the series.


this is the original game, but I (in my opinion) think that this is one of the best in the series.

you start out with Max Damage, who if you're a "carmafan" you will know he drives the "Red Eagle"

or Die Anna, who drives the "Yellow Hawk".


Max's car, the Red Eagle.


The Yellow Hawk, Die's car.

you start at rank 100 and work your way down to 1 with challenging tracks and 3 dificulties.

the dificulties are:

As easy as killing bunnies with axes

Normal everday carnage

Harder than french kissing a cobra

originally there were around 30-40 drivers, but because people make modded drivers, there could be millions.

This was also the first game with a 3dfx graphics engine.

Carmageddon splat packEdit

This is the next game in the series, with around 30-40-50 drivers.

it's also a special version of the original.

You do the same thing as in the original, but half the cars are different.


The Eagle 2, Max's car.


The hawk 2, Die's car.

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now!Edit

Max, Die and the other racers (as well as some newcomers) aren't racing on the streets of Bleak City anymore, you now race in areas around a place called Beaver City.

So now there's still 30-40 cars to win and unlock but you are in a new city, pretty exciting right?


The eagle 3, Max's car.

There are tons and tons of challenging races and don't forget online mode!

If you hosted an oline game, you would choose what cars you wanna see, how many credits you want each player to have, and what track to race/kil/waste/checkpoint chase on.


The Hawk 3, Die's car.

Carmageddon Tdr 2000Edit

This is a different game, why I say this is that the original games (games 1,2,3, the Ps1 version and the N64 version,as well as the GBC version) were all made by Stainless Games. Tdr 2000 is made by a company called Torus Games. Die Anna is not in this game (unless you mod it) and some of the original drivers return for more carnage. As you can see below, there is a car. (obivously) This one belongs to Max. There were about 40-50 drivers in the game and they are all very crazy looking!


The Eagle 4,Max's car.